THE $19K Employment Exclusion Zone


The gap between the Newstart allowance and the federal minimum wage has created a $19,000 Employment Exclusion Zone.

It is this zone – the difference between the $12,922 Newstart allowance and the $31,536 federal minimum wage where it is illegal for employers to take on people.

It is the ghostlands for the unemployed – those people willing to work for less than the minimum wage.

These people are the long term unemployed, young workers, students, single parents and so on.

The most recent (September 2012) ABS People Not In The Labour Force survey found there were 106,600 discouraged job seekers.

These were people who wanted to work and were available to start work if offered a job, but were not actively looking for one because they believed they would not find one.

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2013 Conference Update

The Society’s annual conference is going to be held on Monday July 8 with a half day format to encourage broader participation and media coverage.

VENUE:         Morgan’s 401 Collins Street, Melbourne.
DATE:            July 8, 2013
TIME:             12.00 – 1800

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Minimum Wage Submission



This submission argues that, in circumstances where Australia’s weekly minimum wage is already about equivalent to half of average earnings and is the highest nationally mandated minimum wage in the world, further increases are unnecessary and are likely to have adverse effects on the employment of unskilled or lesser skilled workers. It also argues that the minimum wage is both ineffective and inefficient as a welfare measure to assist low wage earners. Accordingly, the HR Nicholls Society recommends there be no increase in the federal minimum wage and that the FWC should recommend to the government that the minimum wage be scrapped. Read more