New Report: Desperate Unions Cling To Power

Unions force themselves on uninterested workforce

As trade union membership continues a 20-year decline, unions are taking extreme measures to retain their influence over an unwilling workforce.

Only one in five full-time workers are still taking out union membership. The majority of these are employed in the public sector. An overwhelming proportion of Australians engaged in the private sector are choosing not to join a trade union, with 87% un-unionised.

Wages have risen steadily over the same period, suggesting that there is no correlation between trade union membership and real wage increases.

Young people are refusing to join trade unions. The steepest decline in union membership is among those under the age of 60. As the membership base ages, 65% of union members had maintained their membership for five years or more; only 10% of trade union members had been a member for a year or more. Read more