Media Release: Qantas Chairman to Address HR Nicholls Society

I am delighted to announce that the Chairman of Qantas, Leigh Clifford, will make the annual address at this year’s meeting of the  HR Nicholls Society on Thursday 5 December. Mr Clifford has agreed to talk about the need for reform of workplace relations in order to improve productivity and international competitiveness.

Adam Bisits, President of the HR Nicholls Society, said that from his experience as Chief Executive of Rio Tinto from 2000 to 2007, and since then as Qantas Chairman, Mr Clifford has first-hand experience of the difficulties facing companies in negotiating with unions on claims which often relate to issues that are largely peripheral to conditions employees can reasonably expect employers to provide. It is anomalous that, under the Fair Work legislation and its administration, conditions of employment are effectively determined by members of tribunals who have little or no experience in running a business. Those conditions should be determined primarily by direct negotiation between employers and employees and it should be recognised that, in a less regulated labour market, there would no underlying imbalance of bargaining power between employers and employees.     Read more