Commentaries on IR and Need For Reforms

Below are various commentaries on the workplace relations situation and suggestions for change. Howes has certainly stirred the pot even though his idea of returning to an Accord won’t sell. So too have the ANZ and GE CEOs (amazing how they and others have suddenly emerged from the woodwork).

Letter To The Editor By Des Moore

The debate on whether the SPC’s current agreement with the AMWU has resulted in excessive labour costs seems to overlook some important questions.

First, SPC has not published any information showing why it cannot find from internal economies the $25 million requested from governments.

Second, given the problems of entrenched unionism revealed by SPC and many other companies since the July election, why cannot the Abbott government justify bringing forward major changes to the union-biased Fair Work system in addition to those already promised. Revelations of major changes in circumstances allow major changes in policy.

This is particularly relevant to those companies experiencing increasing international competition. If the Coalition  waits until after the next election to implement reforms which are obviously needed, there will be continued closures and losses of jobs.

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