Ray’s Career as an Advocate

Hugh Morgan delivers a tribute to Ray Evans:

One always knew the presence of Ray by the frequent burst of extraordinary laughter that no one could miss as having come from any other person. I will return to his laughter trade mark later but recall the first time we met in Sydney in late 1981 when attending a meeting of the Centre of Independent Studies  and Ray approached me having already written to Sir Arvi Parbo seeking a job. Ray recalls this event in his farewell remarks to WMC colleagues and others in August 2001 and the following is drawn directly from some of that presentation.

The story of how I got to Western Mining as it then was in April 1982,is an interesting one, and is summarised in the letter I wrote to Sir Arvi Parbo in November 1981. A week or so later after despatching the letter I found myself attending a seminar in Sydney organised by Greg  Lindsay who had recently established the Centre of Independent Studies. Hugh Morgan who was a Trustee of CIS was also there, and rather nervously, I introduced myself and told him that I had sent a letter to Sir Arvi looking for a job. “yes indeed” said Hugh and pulled it out of his coat pocket.’

‘What have I done since (joining)? I’ve been a soldier in the culture wars”  He recall’s of  the 1980’s  the distemper evident in the universities observing –  ‘The slogan which these many hundreds of students chanted mindlessly as they marched (being) ‘Hey Ho – Hey Ho – Western Civ has got to go”

“The culture wars’ he wrote …’ I now believe to be embedded deep in Western Civilisation”. ‘The culture wars are fought out in every institution. We see them in the churches, within political parties, in the media, in the universities and in corporations”.

Out of these battle he notes the close friends that develop and one such friend was Bert Kelly who changed political life in this country having  attacked protection ‘making it intellectually and morally disreputable’. Bert Kelly he recalled as being a great Hero. Read more