Ray Evans: A quiet shaper of the right’s ideas

John Roskam, Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, on the legacy of Ray Evans:

Ray Evans, who died in Melbourne on Tuesday at the age of 74, had more influence on politics and policy in Australia than 95 per cent of MPs who have been in the federal Parliament, and 99 per cent of MPs who have ever been in a state Parliament.

In some way or another, Evans was involved in, and helped shape, the course of every major policy debate in Australia of the last 30 years. And he did it all as a private citizen who volunteered his own time for the public good. He was the epitome of a concerned and engaged member of the community. And because the causes Evans pursued were not of the left, his efforts were without the assistance of government funding. It’s easy being a public intellectual when you’re employed at the ABC or have a tenured professorship. Read more