Recap: HRN Construction Industry Forum

The following is a summary of presentations made at the HR Nicholls Society “Cleaning up Corruption in the Construction Industry” Forum, held in Melbourne on Monday 25 August 2014.

Address by the Hon Robert Clark MLA

The Victorian Minister for Industrial Relations, Attorney-General and Minister for Finance, the Hon Robert Clark MLA, told the HR Nicholls Society at a forum on ending union thuggery and cleaning up corruption in the construction industry that:

The rule of law and competitive processes were the key underpinnings of the Victorian Coalition government’s industrial relations policy.

Following the election of the government in November 2010, the Coalition sought to use its industrial relations policy as a way to fill the void created by the gutting and subsequent abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) by Julia Gillard, Minister for Workplace Relations in the Rudd government. Read more