Responsive, harmonious and flexible workplaces

The following is a paper by Asher Judah, author of The Australian Century (available for $29.95 from Connor Court Publishing):

Ensuring Australian businesses remain competitive in an increasingly interconnected global economy will be one of the toughest challenges facing the nation this century. Confronted with rising demands for work-life flexibility, the third highest minimum wage in the OECD (60 per cent higher than the United Kingdom’s)[1] and multiplying sources of product and service acquisition, employers will need a workplace relations system which has flexibility and autonomy at its heart.

In order for Australia to secure a productive and cost competitive edge, three areas of workplace relations reform must be enacted as soon as possible. These are:

  • ushering in the era of 24/7 retailing;
  • returning management certainty back to construction, mining and energy businesses; and
  • reintroducing EBA’s which support growth, creativity and sustainable business activity. Read more