The following is a recent address given by Des Moore, Publicity Officer of the HR Nicholls Society, to Turk’s Head (one of the organisations created by Ray Evans) on October 8, 2014″:

Although I am a bit concerned about talking to a “prickly” group,  I feel honoured to be invited by Patrick Morgan to offer a few words on our good friend, the late Ray Evans. I welcome the opportunity to do so in the presence of his wife, Jill.

I say only a few words because the importance of Ray’s contribution to our society really warrants a book. Yet despite the enormous number of PhDs being written are any of them offering to do what would be a fascinating one on Ray? Ray himself would doubtless be saying from his grave – that is exactly what you would expect from our universities!

However his death did produce extensive praise from certain quarters on his enormous contribution to the debate on a wide range of public policies spread over about 25 years. It is almost sufficient to simply recall that he played major roles in establishing and developing the HR Nicholls Society, The Samuel Griffith Society, The Lavoisier Society, The Bennelong Society and The Galatians Group. It is quite remarkable that he had the capacity to run these groups with only limited financial and other help.

Importantly, he did however receive help from the courageous decision of Hugh Morgan to take him on board at Western Mining as a speech writer and from Chairman Arvi Parbo for agreeing that he should continue framing the 200 speeches he drafted for Hugh. One of those – titled “Yellow Cake Bob” after the Hawke government banned uranium mining – probably cost Hugh his position on the board of the Reserve Bank. Needless to say it was a serious risk for shareholders and a Chief Executive Officer to  agree in 1982 to employ Ray when he wrote in his job application  “The culture wars I now believe to be embedded deep in Western Civilisation … are fought out in every institution. We see them in the churches, within political parties, in the media, in the universities and in corporations”. Read more