HR Nicholls Society member Kelly O’Dwyer appointed Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Small Business

I am pleased to advise that our member Kelly O’Dwyer MP (for Higgins, Vic) has been appointed to the ministry of Prime Minister Turnbull.

I have congratulated her on behalf of the board.  Kelly is the second member of the society – after Senator Bob Day – to recently make a name in parliament.

Kelly’s portfolios of  Treasury and Small Business provide a practical setting for the IR changes the society has advocated.

The society welcomes also the appointment of Michaelia Cash as Minister for Employment and looks forward to being in touch with her.

Adam Bisits


  1. Annual conference.The HR Nicholls Society annual conference “The Fair Work Act – an Australian idiosyncracy” will be held on Saturday 27 November in Melbourne. Details soon.
  2. IR changes  the  HR Nicholls Society has sought are these
  1. Terms of employment to only relate to genuine employment issues.
  1. Employment agreements to be binding.
  2. Unfair dismissal jurisdiction to be reined in –   beginning with the recommendations of the draft Productivity Commission report on the Workplace Relations Framework, August 2015.
  1. Allow employees the opportunity to choose their union freely.
  1. Restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission.
  2. On transfer of business, allow new employers to apply their own industrial terms to incoming employees.