ABS Data Confirms Union Movement’s Irrelevancy

This weeks’ data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) serves as further confirmation of Australian trade unionism’s relentless slide into irrelevancy

Figures released on Tuesday showed that the number of Australians who are members of trade unions within their main occupation fell again, to a record low of 15% in August 2015.

In the private sector – where jobs and economic growth are actually created – the slide was even more drastic. Private sector union membership in Australia today stands at just 11%.

Australian workers are voting with their feet…and with their wallets.

Plainly, Australian unions no longer represent a value proposition for workers.

How else can union leaders explain the fact that on their watch, overall union membership in Australia has dropped from 40% to 15% in less than 25 years?

The only place where trade union membership remains a hot property is in the ranks of the Parliamentary Labor Party, where unions such as the militant, corrupt and criminal-infested CFMEU continue to dictate the party’s policy.

It is enormously unhealthy for one of Australia’s major political parties to be held hostage by an unrepresentative cabal seeking to impose policy solutions that don’t work, and dreaming to return to an industrial world that long ago ceased to exist.