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Executive Director

About the HR Nicholls Society

Australia, a century ago, was the richest country in the world in per capita terms. In the 21st century, however, we face the prospect of continuing economic decline and a further reduction in our standards of living. A major factor in our economic decline and increasingly gloomy economic future, are our outmoded, straight-jacketing, economically debilitating industrial relations institutions.

The HR Nicholls Society was incorporated in 1986 with the purpose of increasing public knowledge and debate about these issues. The Society’s ambition is to bring about urgently needed reform, in our industrial relations attitudes and institutions, through the processes of debate and argument. Our aims are:

  • To promote discussion about the operation of industrial relations in Australia, including the system of determining wages and other conditions of employment; and
  • To support the reform of Australian industrial relations with the aim of promoting the rule of law in respect of employers and employee organisations alike, the right of individuals to freely contract for the supply and engagement of their labour by mutual agreement, and the necessity for labour relations to be conducted in such a way as to promote economic development in Australia.

Overview of the Position

The Executive Director is responsible for implementing and developing plans, leading projects, and working with collaborators to achieve the Society’s mission of advancing the deregulation of the Australian labour market as a policy goal with widespread public support

The Executive Director manages day-to-day operations; maintaining the Society’s social media presence and website, raising funds, garnering support for the Society’s position on the labour market, coordinating contractors and volunteers, managing finances, networking with collaborators, and representing the Society’s interests in public forums. Read more