A Tribute to Len Buckeridge

The HR Nicholls Society pays tribute to Len Buckeridge who died yesterday.

Len was awarded the society’s Copeman Medal in May 2003 for his successful defence of his construction business against thug unions, and defending from those unions the right of his own workers to work.

He was a true and very successful competitor and believed in freedom of employment, but not at the expense of workers, as he made clear when calling on Prime Minister Howard after the 2004 election to reform IR, for he said that the reforms were not to reduce wages.

Senator-elect Bob Day AO, the society’s former secretary and board member, said Len could spot a rent seeker or a thug a mile away; he would not collude with anyone, be they other builders, unions or government.  “Thanks to Len Western Australia, where he built the most houses, enjoyed enviable levels of housing affordability.”

Australian industry leaders should speak up as did Len Buckeridge against the cost, delay and rorting of strong-man unions and oppose their tactics.

The HR Nicholls Society offers its condolences to Mrs Buckeridge and family.

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