Ambulance Union Caught Faking Photos

The Herald Sun Reports:

The State Government released CCTV footage taken in Frankston Hospital in July that appears to show Ambulance Victoria employees lining patients up in a corridor in order to take a photograph.


According to a letter to the Health Department from the acting CEO of Peninsula Health, which manages Frankston Hospital, the movement of these patients by paramedics was “inappropriate” and there was “no clinical reason” for a patient to be moved to this “already crowded ­location” and out of the hospital’s emergency department.

Images of patients lined up were published by the media, including the Herald Sun.


Health Minister David ­Davis said the footage showed the ambulance union had been caught red-handed faking photos in the state’s hospitals.


“The CCTV shows patients being used as fodder for fake photographs,” he said.


“I’m concerned that this culture of using patients to manufacture fake photos may in fact extend beyond the Frankston hospital.”

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  1. Scotty
    Scotty says:

    Typical Union lies and using the poor and down trodden for a pay increase….. what a joke Union Thugs have become when they prey on the sick for money in their pockets, and kudos for being some kind of “Hero”….

    Throw the book at the lying union scum…


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