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Part Time Position Availiable

The HR Nicholls Society is seeking a suitably experienced person to provide part-time executive support to the Society. Further details about the position are available here. UPDATE: The position has now been filled. 

THE $19K Employment Exclusion Zone

MEDIA RELEASE: THE $19K EMPLOYMENT EXCLUSION ZONE The gap between the Newstart allowance and the federal minimum wage has created a $19,000 Employment Exclusion Zone. It is this zone – the difference between the $12,922 Newstart allowance and the $31,536 federal minimum wage where it is illegal for employers to take on people. It is the […]

2013 Conference Update

The Society’s annual conference is going to be held on Monday July 8 with a half day format to encourage broader participation and media coverage. VENUE:         Morgan’s 401 Collins Street, Melbourne. DATE:            July 8, 2013 TIME:             12.00 – 1800

Minimum Wage Submission

MINIMUM WAGE SUBMISSION APRIL 2013 Abstract This submission argues that, in circumstances where Australia’s weekly minimum wage is already about equivalent to half of average earnings and is the highest nationally mandated minimum wage in the world, further increases are unnecessary and are likely to have adverse effects on the employment of unskilled or lesser skilled […]