Pro Union Deals Have No Mandate or Remit

In just seven recent announcements the government has again displayed its pro union bias that works to undermine the economy.

These deals include:

  • Tying $1.2 billion in aged care reforms to union based EBAs which favour the HSU;
  • Tying $300 million for child care pay subsidies to union based EBAs in favour United Voice;
  • Legislating to entrench penalty rates;
  • Undermining 457 visas to garner union support;
  • Subverting right of entry conditions;
  • Making the Fair Work Ombudsman police 457 visas; and
  • Forcing employers to pay for transportation and accommodation costs for union officials.

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Public Policy Corrupted

The government may now have resorted to union conscription for aged care workers, as it is reported that commonwealth funding for aged care providers would be tied to union-based enterprise bargaining agreements.

This proposal amounts to a direct intervention in the private sector by the commonwealth to seek a favourable outcome for a vested interest – the union movement.

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No Excuse for Delay

Media reports today that the coalition will delay any meaningful reform of the workplace relations system until after 2016 are disappointing at best.

To use the shield of a Productivity Commission review of the workplace relations system is not an excuse to shirk the immediate changes to the workplace system that should take place.

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Opposition on Right Track with Increased Penalties

The HR Nicholls Society supports the move by the federal opposition to reform the Registered Organisations Act to bring its penalities into line with the Corporations Act 2001.

 The reform would increase penalties to $340,000 to provide for criminal as well as civil sanctions including imprisonment of up to five years.

 The government in response to the HSU scandal derisorily increased the penalties on individuals to $6,600 and on organisations to $33,000 and they are under the Government’s increases still simply civil penalties.

 This was a manifestly inappropriate response to the HSU scandal.

 The HR Nicholls Society recommends that the government support the reform in an effort to stamp out corruption.

Further information: Ian Hanke 0407 841 957