Make business easier with non-union agreements

Alexander Philipatos, from the Centre for Independent Studies, has an opinion piece published in today’s Drum arguing for the removal of union vetos on new construction projects:

There are practical solutions the government can pursue to create a more workable framework.

An industrial relations framework should, as much as possible, encourage parties to work through issues themselves and come to an agreement. It should also strike a balance between workplace flexibility and employee representation. Current laws create delays, drive up costs and make local firms uncompetitive.

Removing union vetos on new projects would be a good place for the government to start. The Coalition should be bold and make it easier to do business in Australia by reintroducing non-union greenfields agreements.

While such changes do not address the numerous other problems inherent in the Fair Work Australia regime, they may nevertheless represent a starting place for the reform Australia desperately needs.

You can read the full article here.

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