Unions Won’t Let Rudd Change The Rules

Ken Phillips, a member of the HR Nicholls Society Board of Management, has a piece in today’s Australian (paywall protected) on how the Unions won’t let Kevin Rudd changes Labor’s Leadership rules:

ANYONE who thinks that Kevin Rudd can change the ALP’s leadership selection rules is ignoring the history of Rudd in his first term as prime minister. Ultimately, unions won’t allow him to make the change. What they will allow is the impression of Rudd being a strong leader as a political ploy for the election campaign. After the election they’ll predictably knife him again.


Any agreement by the ALP parliamentary caucus to Rudd’s proposal is meaningless. Caucus membership will change after the election and may view the matter differently. The only thing that matters is a change to ALP rules. That requires an ALP national conference. That’s not going to happen before an election.


In Rudd’s first prime ministerial term he promised, for example, strong small-business policies. When he started to implement these, he angered the unions. They stopped him and eventually sacked him.


Rudd may express good intentions. But history has proved he’s a plaything of the hard-left unions that firmly control the ACTU and the ALP. They control the bulk of votes of parliamentarians, dominate the ordinary membership of the ALP and directly control numbers

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