Where are likely new Family First and LDP Senators on IR?

With the likely election of several minor party Senators following the 2013 Federal Election, including former HR Nicholls Society Board of Management Member Bob Day, here are the relevant parts of the IR Policies of Family First and the Liberal Democrats:

Family First:

People of all ages and abilities should have the opportunity to earn an income. We are committed to removing the barriers to entry to getting a job or working more hours.

The tragedy of workplace regulation is that while it seeks to protect the interests of those in work it effectively holds many others out. The low skilled and least able are the most likely victims. Tearing down unjust regulation is about a stronger, more inclusive Australia.


Pricing people – young people in particular – out of the job market thereby denying them the opportunity to buy a house and lead a happy and prosperous life, is not just bad for the economy it is morally wrong.

Family First believes it is time to acknowledge the inevitable and create, enshrine and protect in legislation employees and employers right to have the freedom to determine what is in their common interest.


We simply cannot continue to place obstacles in the path of those who choose to work differently. The nature of economic life and the labour market have
changed – and so have the opportunities the global economy affords. Those who want to move out of the regulated world of ‘traditional employment’ must be permitted to do so.


Liberal Democrats:

The Liberal Democrats believe Australians should be free to enter employment and service contracts without government interference.



The LDP would:

  • Abolish the ban on low paid work, referred to as the minimum wage.
  • Abolish minimum employment conditions, referred to as the national employment standards (while retaining occupational health and safety rules).
  • Abolish minimum wage and conditions for employment in certain industries and occupations, referred to as awards.
  • Remove ‘unfair dismissal’ restrictions (while retaining sexual harassment rules), and remove rules preventing dismissal of employees for failing to carry out their duties.
  • Allow individuals to be represented by a union provided membership is voluntary.
  • Remove restrictions on negotiating employment contracts, including obligations to negotiate with unions and restrictions on agreements between employers and individual employees.
  • Remove industrial relations provisions restricting how employers carry out their business, including requirements for union entry onto premises.
  • Remove restrictions on workers operating as independent contractors if that is what they prefer.
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