Employment Opportunity!

Submitted by Bismark02 on Wed, 05/24/2017 - 00:59
For over 30 years the HR Nicholls Society has been at the forefront of fighting for a more free and more fair industrial relations system to ensure a prosperous Australia. The society is now looking for a new Executive Director to help lead the battle of ideas in this area, and is calling for anyone who believes in a free and fair labour market to apply. Australia, a century ago, was the richest country in the world in per capita terms. In the 21st century, however, we face the prospect of continuing economic decline and a further reduction in our standards of living. A major factor in our economic decline and increasingly gloomy economic future, are our outmoded, straight-jacketing, economically debilitating industrial relations institutions. The HR Nicholls Society was incorporated in 1986 with the purpose of increasing public knowledge and debate about these issues. The Society’s ambition is to bring about urgently needed reform, in our industrial relations attitudes and institutions, through the processes of debate and argument. Our aims are:
  • To promote discussion about the operation of industrial relations in Australia, including the system of determining wages and other conditions of employment; and
  • To support the reform of Australian industrial relations with the aim of promoting the rule of law in respect of employers and employee organisations alike, the right of individuals to freely contract for the supply and engagement of their labour by mutual agreement, and the necessity for labour relations to be conducted in such a way as to promote economic development in Australia.
Overview of the Position The Executive Director is responsible for implementing and developing plans, leading projects, and working with collaborators to achieve the Society’s mission of advancing the deregulation of the Australian labour market as a policy goal with widespread public support The Executive Director manages day-to-day operations; maintaining the Society’s social media presence and website, raising funds, garnering support for the Society’s position on the labour market, coordinating contractors and volunteers, managing finances, networking with collaborators, and representing the Society’s interests in public forums. Primary Responsibilities
  1.   Organisational development. Maintain and enhance the Society’s organizational structure.
  • With the Society’s President and Directors, develop long-term strategies for achieving the mission.
  • Maintain and enhance the Society’s website, www.hrnicholls.com.au.
  1.   Fundraising. Procure long-term funding to keep a regular staff, hire additional support, and increase educational and research activities.
  • Operate membership and donation programs; recruit members, including from employers; procure membership renewals
  • Seek funds from employers, foundations and similar institutions.
  • Manage database of organizational funding opportunities.
  • Maintain relationships with foundations, including delivery of reports to funders.
  1.   Communications/outreach. Deliver effective communications to the Society’s constituents and the broader public.
  • Develop a communications strategy, balancing this strategy with opportunities that arise.
  • Promote the Society’s positions on the labour market through traditional print and electronic media and social media channels.
  • Seek endorsement of the Society’s position by businesses, think tanks, and other organisations.
  • Track and increase the Society’s web traffic, including the Society’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
  • Compose and distribute a regular eNewsletter, summarizing the Society’s progress and other developments in labour market deregulation.
  • Send mass and targeted emails on a regular basis (monthly).
  • Prepare and distribute press releases for important news and events.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key journalists and government personnel.
  • Where Directors are unavailable, represent the Society in media interviews and at public speaking venues.
  1.   Events. Deliver a high quality conference, and other one-off events, that effectively promotes the aims of the Society and engages members in our activities.
  • Manage the speakers network; recruit new speakers; facilitate the Society’s presentations and speeches in venues including conferences, meetings, video broadcasts, radio shows, etc.
  1.   General administration and financial management. Handle administrative/financial obligations.
  • Develop and manage the annual budget.
  • Pay bills.
  • Track and manage the Society’s bank accounts.
  • Handle and respond to correspondence to the Society.
Supervision: The Executive Director is supervised by the Society’s President. Supervision is generally limited in scope. The President may prioritize duties as needed, and has final discretion on the content of social media, website material and Society publications. On some projects, the Executive Director is expected to work closely and frequently with the President and other Directors. However, the Executive Director will typically operate with substantial independence. Office: The Executive Director’s office will preferably be in or near Sydney, Australia, allowing efficient access to media organisations, policy makers, and others. However, the Society is flexible on location, dependent upon the successful candidate’s requirements. Hours: The Society does not intend to mandate or monitor the working hours of its Executive Director. It is estimated that approximately 16 hours per week on average would be required to meet minimum expectations. Remuneration: Commensurate with education, experience, and passion for advancing the Society’s cause. Starting remuneration is unlikely to exceed $20,000 AUD; may be rapidly adjusted depending on fundraising and other outcomes. Starting Date: Approximately late June 2017; earlier or start later based on circumstances. To apply: Send a resume, copies of transcripts, and contact information for two references to kkutasi@gmail.com For more information, contact: Mr Kyle Kutasi Vice President, HR Nicholls Society Inc. 64 Greig Street Albert Park VIC 3206 Australia Tel: +61 (0)433-123-865 kkutasi@gmail.com