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The H.R. Nicholls Society is Australia’s only institute solely devoted to reforming Australia’s Industrial Relations, advocating for voluntary relationships between employer and employees so individuals can prosper.


Australia is a country in which political life is carried out through debate and argument. The Society’s ambition is to bring about, through the processes of debate and argument, urgently needed reform in Australia’s industrial relations attitudes, law and institutions, and thus to transform our labour market into a job-creating and wealth-generating engine of growth and prosperity.


Our aims are:

  • To promote discussion about the operation of industrial relations in Australia including the system of determining wages and other conditions of employment.
  • To promote the rule of law with respect to employers and employee organisations alike.
  • To promote reform of the current wage-fixing system.
  • To support the necessity for labour relations to be conducted in such a way as to promote economic development in Australia.