Inaugural Ray Evans Memorial Oration


It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite members and supporters of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance as well as the many many friends of the late and dearly beloved Ray Evans, to the Inaugural Ray Evans Memorial Oration.

A giant of Australian politics whose passionate zeal transformed centre-right politics, Ray was an inspiration and a mentor to countless individuals. A founding member of the HR Nicholls Society, the Bennalong Society, The Samuel Griffiths Society, the Galatians Group, and the Lavoisier Group,  all of which he was either President or Treasurer of, his contribution to Australian politics can not be overstated.

As the Australian Financial Review reported “Ray Evans had more influence on politics and policy in Australia than 95 per cent of MPs who have been in the federal Parliament, and 99 per cent of MPs who have ever been in a state Parliament. In some way or another, Evans was involved in, and helped shape, the course of every major policy debate in Australia of the last 30 years. And he did it all as a private citizen who volunteered his own time for the public good. He was the epitome of a concerned and engaged member of the community”

Through the establishment of this annual oration, Ray’s vision for a more free and prosperous Australia will be able to live on.

There can be no-one more appropriate to deliver the Inaugural Oration than Ray’s old boss and dear friend, Hugh Morgan AC. Ray wrote over 200 speeches during his time at Western Mining, orchestrating the company’s media and public relations strategy,  and together they changed the direction of political debate in Australia.

A former President of the Business Council of Australia, a Board Member of the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Founding Chairman of Asia Society Australia, and a former president of the Lavosier Group we are very grateful to Mr Morgan for delivering the inaugural oration.

The venue shall be one of Ray’s favourite Restaurants and regular haunts – the Red Emperor in Southbank, and includes a banquet meal and 3 hour drinks package.

Red Emperor Chinese Restaurant
M10, Mid Level, 3 Southgate Ave, Southbank, VIC

-37.8200706, 144.9664114