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Submitted by Gregory_Pulscher on Tue, 03/20/2018 - 01:28
Tearing Down Straw Men in 2018

We have spent much of the first part of the year determining the key Industrial Relations issues standing in the way of a more prosperous Australia. We realize our counterparts on the left may think we live in a post scarcity world where time and money grow on trees, but here in reality we must focus our efforts on issues that hinder Australia’s future prosperity. Although, I suppose money could grow on trees in the form of mangoes, but they are worthless unless someone spends the time to pick and market.

As much I would prefer to be lost in a mango plantation, the board here saw through my ruse to send me to such a paradise. Instead they decided to send me to a forest of straw men (Straw-people if you are reading this in Canada).

The key issues we are attacking this year have been a long time coming but are littered with tricky straw men arguments. However, if we were after easy targets I suppose the board would have bought my mango proposal.

Our focus in 2018 is geared toward;

  • combating mandated minimum wages,
  • understand and promote when necessary casual work,
  • deconstruct union hypocrisy when they no longer offer value to their members.

What straw men are we up against? The current zeitgeist would have it that anyone against the minimum wage obviously hates the poor. Anyone who supports casual work is obviously against stability. And anyone against the unions is obviously a right-wing nut wanting to stick it to the common labourer.

Pretty standard straw men but because our side hid from the debate for so long hoping someone else would deal with it, they have become entrenched unchangeable thoughts for millions of Australians.

But I am here to tell you no one else is coming. No one else is coming to stop these straw men from multiplying.

If not us then who will face up to these straw men, because that’s all they are!

Minimum wages do not create prosperity. Had they, a minimum wage of $100K a year should fix everything, and a quick minimum wage bump is all impoverished countries need.

Minimum wages infest future generations with limited opportunity and delayed skill sets.

Casualisation is not a problem in and of itself, it is purely a signal to the market what employers and employees desire as a result of regulations. Is it too expensive to hire full time? Are these people in-between careers? Are they finding unique opportunities to then pursue other dreams and desires?

Unions are neither an ultimate negative, nor an ultimate good. A proper union can offer value if kept in check by upholding private property rights. It is when government tips the scale that unions become the thugs and political opportunists we think of them as today.

Straw men exist and work because individuals cower from standing up and calling them what they are. It doesn’t take the most brains, it doesn’t take the most money, it only takes courage to show people the fake arguments that infest our fields and forests of prosperity.

You see, my board won’t let me go chill in an established mangrove field and eat mangoes all day. But they never said I couldn’t plant some mangoes once I clear these fields of straw men crowding out prosperity.

I hope you will join me and consider a generous gift to the H.R. Nicholls Society to stand by us and fight these straw men. Because, if not us… then who?