IR News Roundup

Submitted by Bismark02 on Thu, 10/03/2013 - 14:53
Some recent news stories that may be of interest to our members:A court has awarded  $100,000 to a locomotive driver who was sacked while suffering "post-traumatic stress disorder and depression following a crash" The Fair Work Commission has allowed Roy Morgan Research Ltd to appeal a ruling that it unfairly dismissed an HR employee. Deputy President Gooley last month ruled the dismissal unfair and not a genuine redundancy, saying that a "desire to do things differently is not enough" The mining boom and the associated boost in the terms of trade were largely responsible for a big drop in the wages share of the economy in the decade to 2010, but they also delivered workers a bigger increase in income than they received during the "productivity decade" of the 1990s, according to new research for the Productivity Commission. The Fair Work Commission has released a draft new unfair dismissal practice note, launched performance benchmarks for appeals and established a team led by Vice President Joe Catanzariti to promote cooperative and productive workforces while FWA Commission President Iain Ross says that "the industrial umpire is making progress in repairing the damage it suffered during the Health Services Union scandal" (paywall protected)
 FWBC director Val Gostencnik tendered his resignation to Employment Minister Eric Abetz after less than 2 months in the job while John Howard’s construction industry watchdog chief has urged the Coalition to reinstate the body as soon as possible, warning union militancy and industrial disputes are rising.