H.R. Nicholls Society condemns the Fair Work Commission’s reckless wage hike.

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Submitted by Gregory_Pulscher on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 03:23

Today the H.R. Nicholls Society has issued a statement of disappointment over the recent reckless wage hike implemented by the Fair Work Commission making even more jobs illegal and hindering future career potentials for youth, and the least skilled in our communities.
Greg Pulscher, Executive Director of the H.R. Nicholls Society said, “It is outrageous to think that feel-good politics is clouding the reality that the least skilled in our communities will be hurt the most.”
“Absent from nearly all minimum wage debates is the effect it will have on beneficial relationships, known colloquially as ‘jobs’, that are worth less than the new illegal wage rates. Just because a wage is forced does not magically make a job that much more valuable.”
“We would like to know how lawyers and union officials have any special knowledge about how each individual desires to live their life. A small room of privileged people are basically telling millions of Australians that, unless your job can make at least $18.93 of value in an hour, you should not have a job at all.”

The worst part of these reckless wage levels is the Catch-22. In order to get a job at $18.93 an hour you need skills, but the only way to obtain skills is to get a job under $18.93. Apparently, volunteering at a company for free is fine; just don’t get caught taking any money.

“In reality, a higher minimum wage will effect total hours worked, when work is available, fewer entry level jobs, and will only grow the gap in skilled employment that many companies are already finding jobs hard to fill.”
“Minimum wages have long term effects on opportunities. For the youth, we are seeing delayed entry into rewarding and beneficial jobs. For people needing a second chance or options, we will see less."
“The unforeseen costs of this reckless minimum wage inevitably turn up, but it won’t be the politicians and well-connected union members who take the hit, it will be ordinary Australians who will be severely affected.  
“This is why the H.R. Nicholls society encourages voluntary relationships that let individuals take charge of their lives, rather than being told what to do by government bureaucrats.”

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