WA Opposition Leader Turns Her Back on Retailers

Submitted by John Gray on Tue, 06/18/2019 - 02:05
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The H.R. Nicholls Society, Australia’s only institute solely devoted to reforming Australia’s
Industrial Relations, today expresses its disappointment at WA Opposition Leader Liza Harvey’s
decision to drop former leader Mike Nahan’s deregulated shopping hours plan.

“The Western Australian retail sector is already struggling and the Opposition Leader’s decision
is a huge blow following the announcement from NAB that retail is ‘clearly in recession’”
John Gray, Executive Director of the H.R. Nicholls Society.

“Mrs Harvey has wasted a golden opportunity to show the people of Western Australia that she
means business and adheres to liberal values. The decision is in conflict with the views of the
Chamber of Commerce and Industry and prominent business leaders in WA and it tells
struggling businesses that she’s not listening.

“Mrs Harvey claims there hasn’t been a major push from the community for deregulated trading
hours despite this issue being on the agenda of both of her predecessors and with business
leaders going on the record to compare current standards to those of the 1960s.

“If the WA Liberals want to challenge the McGowan government at the next election they will
need to take a leaf out of the federal Liberal Party’s playbook and return to classical liberal
values and implement a system of widespread deregulation. The H.R. Nicholls Society calls for
the WA Liberal Party to allow businesses to choose when and how they trade.”


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