Pro Union Deals Have No Mandate or Remit

Submitted by fergco_fox on Tue, 03/19/2013 - 08:03
In just seven recent announcements the government has again displayed its pro union bias that works to undermine the economy. These deals include:
  • Tying $1.2 billion in aged care reforms to union based EBAs which favour the HSU;
  • Tying $300 million for child care pay subsidies to union based EBAs in favour United Voice;
  • Legislating to entrench penalty rates;
  • Undermining 457 visas to garner union support;
  • Subverting right of entry conditions;
  • Making the Fair Work Ombudsman police 457 visas; and
  • Forcing employers to pay for transportation and accommodation costs for union officials.
These announcements have no legislative mandate and nor do they stem from the review of the FWA undertaken last year. They are nothing but legislative sandbagging of union privilege. In light of the fact that just 13 per cent of the private sector work force are members of unions it is impossible for the government to justify these changes. They can only be read as legislative favours for the industrial arm of the Labor Party that control its Parliamentary factions. It is interesting to note that after the Minister for Workplace Relations spoke glowingly of  the Maritime Union of Australia is setting up a specialist campaign unit to support the re-election of the Gillard government. Media reports also indicate that organisers from the AMWU, the SDA, United Voice and other unions recently attended a three day Labor Party grass roots campaign training conference in Canberra. Clearly the government is in receipt of union largesse. A “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” deal that can only see the economy suffer. These moves should be rejected by the Parliament. Further information: Ian Hanke 0407 841 957