Productivity Commission FWA Review Scrutinise Pay, Penalties, Conditions

Submitted by Bismark02 on Fri, 03/07/2014 - 10:18
Via the SMH: The federal government's sweeping review of Australia's workplace laws will put penalty rates, pay and conditions, union militancy and flexibility under the microscope. The inquiry means that all the elements of WorkChoices that people hated are back on the table, including individual contracts.  A leaked draft of the terms of reference for the Productivity Commission inquiry into the Fair Work Act, obtained by Fairfax Media, reveals the inquiry will examine the act's impact on unemployment and under-employment, productivity, business investment and the ability of the labour market to respond to changing economic conditions. The number of working days lost to strike action, pressures on small business, employers' flexibility to bargain with their employees on issues like working hours and the impact of red tape on business will be considered. Click here to read the rest